Linux vs. Windows

Linux vs. Windows 8 has a clear winner, but offer some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two operating systems. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

We selected a number of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Linux vs Windows 8. We do not want to draw the conclusion November 1st which one is better, because tastes differ, but the information that we provide you can choose the best operating system suitable for you.


Each of the two operating systems have strong points and weaknesses that not be overlooked and that we get here in the shops.

Linux has always been criticized in Chapter installation because the process is quite difficult and for him to accomplish you need some information exceeding the average computer user. These criticisms are offered even for Ubuntu, the most popular Linux.

Chapter software in the match vs. Linux Windows 8 can say that both operating systems come with pre-installed programs needed enough. Difference Linux Vs. Windows 8 is that many are just variants trial and after 30, 60, 90 days to be paid an amount for the license, while Ubuntu offers these programs free.

LibreOffice applications are popular Ubuntu, a variety of Microsoft Office, Thunderbird for email and Firefox, the web browser that is popular among users of Windows. In addition, Ubuntu has been designed so that downloading and installing new programs is very easy to do.

Chapter vs. Linux interface Windows 8 we have definitely not winning the battle.  Besides the commands are placed on the left of open windows for Linux, unlike Windows right, the biggest differences are between placing icons and system structure.

It’s hard to pick a winner in Linux vs. Undoubtedly Windows 8. Windows is popular, and hopes and expectations are very high for Windows 10, but remains a Linux operating system more stable, secure, reliable long term and is free.

Your PC must make many choices and sacrifices. One of the most important decisions is related to the operating system that your PC will run. Romanian users are divided from this point of view, in three categories:

  • Those who want to live legally, although not everyone can afford, and who want quiet sleep at night. In this case, a copy of Windows 7 license, basic and important limitations.
  • those who like risk and who choose to hijack a Windows version. First you may end up with the police at the door or surprise guests on your computer, to monitor everything that you do and to steal your personal data – viruses.


  • those who choose and law and gratuity. Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, Phone tracker, can be downloaded and used for free by anyone without being subject to any risks because they are free software, namely operating systems for your PC free of charge. Anyone who knows may be part of a community of any Linux distros and can help its development. Do not be afraid, updates that are sent to the blood are controlled by foundations or companies that support these distributions.

Earth’s Artificial Satellite

What are artificial satellites?

An artificial satellite is something which is made by humans. And these artificial satellites are very crucial part of modern technology.  Artificial Satellites are quite different than the natural satellites.


Artificial satellites play a very important role to maintain the planet properly. Artificial satellites have plenty of functions, and the most important function of any artificial satellite is maintaining the whole communication system.

A brief history of artificial satellites:

The first artificial satellite sent from earth was back in the year of 1957. And this initiative was taken by Russia.  And since then there are dozens of countries launched satellites. Different sources have confirmed that there are about 3000 active satellites in different orbits of planet earth. And at the same time, there are about 8000 dead satellites are present in the orbit of the planet earth.

Satellites are used for different purposes. And depending upon that purpose, the orbit of an artificial satellite is chosen. The most common orbit for any kind of artificial satellite is the geosynchronous orbit. And there are many satellites are present this particular orbit.  And the artificial satellites which are present in the geosynchronous take exactly 24 hours to orbit the planet earth. And it can be said that different television channels are broadcasted with the help of the artificial satellites present in the geosynchronous orbit. And with the help of this satellite every little movement on the earth can be tracked quite easily.

There is another orbit is used, and that is the low-earth orbit. The satellites which are kept in the low earth orbit generally hundreds of miles away from the earth. But still those satellites have a very important role to play. These types of satellites are generally used for the communication purposes. And at the same time, the satellites which are present here are quite useful for the space telescopes.

Why are artificial satellites important?

Nowadays satellites have become one of the most important parts of the modern day communication. And a satellite can be sued for a single purpose and at the same time a satellite can be used for the multiple purposes too.  Different applications of modern day satellites are broadcasting, weather forecasting, keeping track of all the necessary movements in the earth. And at the same time, few satellites have some useful application in the field of space technology especially phone number tracker.

The longevity of a particular satellite really depends on upon the altitude of the orbits. If the altitude of the orbit is comparatively low, then there is more chance that the satellite will be decayed more quickly due to atmospheric losses. And the satellites which are present in the higher orbit face less damage and fewer decays.

The functionality of an artificial satellite also depends on up on the speed. And the speed depends on upon the orbit.  But there is one important thing that should be remembered. Different orbits have different functionality. So, these are all the information about artificial satellites of planet earth.

Counter Strike Tutorial – How to Shoot Better

Counter Strike Tutorial – How to Shoot Better



Shoot the top of the chest: Counter-Strike damage has positional, this means that the damage varies depending on where you shoot. If you pull the upper chest,  the area grows and the chance to give headshot due to kickback.

When you move, change your weapon with knife or gun: The speed with which you move depends on what weapon you use, knife and gun are the smallest penalty that change when you move them.

The armor is better than weapons when you have no money: Without a armor in Counter Strike, a flurry is enough to kill a player even if he has full life. Without any head helmet means certain death, so it is better to weigh your money you you spend them, you must buy armor and after that you can buy weapon.

Learn how to throw grenades: Grenades are very good in many situations: to clean a room, provide coverage if they have to execute a frontal attack, may temporarily incapacitating your opponent by blindness.

Use radar: When your radar is enable on the server it is one of the most precious resources as it allows you to have an overview of the theater of combat. Coupled with a careful listening can be used to identify an enemy approaching.

Do not jump if you fight with a sniper: A lot of players tend to jump when they engage in battle, because they think they becoming a target harder to hit. This is generally true, except when you fight with a sniper. The jump in front of your path will be as predictable a good sniper will shoot at the end of the parabola and more than likely you will be dead.

Fire in bursts: Because the Counter – Strike tries to simulate the recoil of actual weapons, the more you pull the trigger eben more precision decreases your bullets. If you fail to be within range right from the beginning that will knock your opponent this tendency to press constabtly on the trigger and will throw bullets high up in the ceiling or in the worst case you will scatter the blue sky high above head opponent. To prevent this phenomenon and make your shots count really, you should shoot short bursts of 2 – 3 bullets, method that helps you shoote more accurately.

Plan your recharges: It seems to be a common issue but if you know your weapon well enough, you should know which are the trajectories of kickback. So when you take up a gun simply to drag the mouse down a little. Of course, how much more the trigger hold down, both will be harder to control recoil. This method works very well combined with the method of “Fire in bursts” shown above.

Jumping well calculated:  in Counter Strike, When you are out and have the assurance that snipers are a target on you, it is very important to move erratically and unpredictably as possible. Jumping, but not very regular, can force the enemy to target both vertically and horizontally, and if you are less lucky you can wake up with a bullet charged but still remain poor with 12 to 19 hp. That said, some players tend to jump repeatedly even if they are under the gun making them look like fools.