Earth’s Artificial Satellite

What are artificial satellites?

An artificial satellite is something which is made by humans. And these artificial satellites are very crucial part of modern technology.  Artificial Satellites are quite different than the natural satellites.


Artificial satellites play a very important role to maintain the planet properly. Artificial satellites have plenty of functions, and the most important function of any artificial satellite is maintaining the whole communication system.

A brief history of artificial satellites:

The first artificial satellite sent from earth was back in the year of 1957. And this initiative was taken by Russia.  And since then there are dozens of countries launched satellites. Different sources have confirmed that there are about 3000 active satellites in different orbits of planet earth. And at the same time, there are about 8000 dead satellites are present in the orbit of the planet earth.

Satellites are used for different purposes. And depending upon that purpose, the orbit of an artificial satellite is chosen. The most common orbit for any kind of artificial satellite is the geosynchronous orbit. And there are many satellites are present this particular orbit.  And the artificial satellites which are present in the geosynchronous take exactly 24 hours to orbit the planet earth. And it can be said that different television channels are broadcasted with the help of the artificial satellites present in the geosynchronous orbit. And with the help of this satellite every little movement on the earth can be tracked quite easily.

There is another orbit is used, and that is the low-earth orbit. The satellites which are kept in the low earth orbit generally hundreds of miles away from the earth. But still those satellites have a very important role to play. These types of satellites are generally used for the communication purposes. And at the same time, the satellites which are present here are quite useful for the space telescopes.

Why are artificial satellites important?

Nowadays satellites have become one of the most important parts of the modern day communication. And a satellite can be sued for a single purpose and at the same time a satellite can be used for the multiple purposes too.  Different applications of modern day satellites are broadcasting, weather forecasting, keeping track of all the necessary movements in the earth. And at the same time, few satellites have some useful application in the field of space technology especially phone number tracker.

The longevity of a particular satellite really depends on upon the altitude of the orbits. If the altitude of the orbit is comparatively low, then there is more chance that the satellite will be decayed more quickly due to atmospheric losses. And the satellites which are present in the higher orbit face less damage and fewer decays.

The functionality of an artificial satellite also depends on up on the speed. And the speed depends on upon the orbit.  But there is one important thing that should be remembered. Different orbits have different functionality. So, these are all the information about artificial satellites of planet earth.